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Greta the Giraffe


Greta the Giraffe was born on 1 July 2016 and has been living at Giraffe Private Nursery School since then. In 2018 some of her friends moved in with her as they heard she was having a blast! Greta the Giraffe, Charlie the crocodile, Emely-roo the kangaroo, Milo the alpaca, Silvie the snake, Sky the koala, Ray the dog and Alfie the parrot all live happily together at Giraffe Nursery School.




Greig the Giraffe


Greig the Giraffe, Greta's long awaited brother, was born on 8 May 2021 and has been living at Giraffe Private Nursery School with his sister ever since. 

Greig fits in greatly with Greta and her friends and enjoys all the cuddles he gets from everyone at Giraffe.

Greta, Greig and all their animal friends love being around children and so Giraffe is an amazing place for them to be in! They absolutely enjoy spending their days with the children who have just begun their fascinating journeys in education, who are learning all about life, making new friends, reaching for new heights and creating unique memories! 

Nicoletta Toumazi


The owner and principal of Giraffe is Nicoletta Toumazi, an enthusiastic and vibrant young woman who has always enjoyed being around children. Nicoletta graduated from the University of Bristol in July 2015 having acquired a Bachelor of Science Degree in Childhood Studies with First Class Honours. She is currently following a Masters Degree in Early Years Education at the University of Cyprus. 


Nicoletta’s background in music and dance combined with her work experience with young children in various nursery schools in Cyprus and the UK during the last thirteen years enable her to interact with them in a creative and expressive way.

  • September 2019: Educator of the Manadoob® Kick-Start Programme for Self-Esteem  

  • July 2016 to date: Owner & Principal of Giraffe Private Nursery School

  • October 2015 to July 2016: Instructor in training at Monkeynastix Cyprus.

  • September 2015 to date: Assistant Ballet Teacher babies class (4-5 year olds) at Dance Works Nicosia.

  • October 2014-June 2015: Practical experience at Art Raft Piglets Nursery School, Bristol, UK.

  • November 2013-March 2014: Practical experience at St Paul’s Nursery School and Children’s Centre, Bristol, UK.

  • Summer School 2011, 2013 & 2014: Volunteer and replacement teacher at Marina’s Playschool, Nicosia.

  • Summer School 2009: Volunteer at Little Stars Montessori Nursery School, Nicosia.

  • September 2008-June 2012: Dance Teacher at Little Stars Montessori Nursery School, Nicosia.

  • April 2007-June 2012: Assistant Ballet Teacher babies class (4-5 year olds) at Dance Works Nicosia.


Yioula Makriyiannis 

Yioula is a graduate of Kings College London and has worked in the education industry for over twenty years. She took several years off work to travel the globe and has now returned to her roots. She has been a valuable member of our Giraffe Team since November 2019.


Yioula loves the little ones and strongly believes that interacting with children is a mutually educational experience.


Anastasia Aristodemou 

Anastasia graduated from the Cyprus University of Technology in 2015 having acquired a degree in Agricultural Science, Biotechnology and Food Science. She then worked in several organisations and learnt to deal with a variety of different people and personalities.


She then realised that what she enjoys most of all is communicating and interacting with children. Her hard-working, responsible, loving and mature personality are the qualities needed when working with young children, something that she has been demonstrating at Giraffe since October 2017.


Skevi Skourou 

Skevi graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 2018, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Skevi finds that designing lessons while understanding children's interests, readiness and learning preferences might be challenging but definitely fulfilling. As a facilitator, having children committed to something that is meaningful to them and moves them profoundly while providing sufficient support and encouragement that increases their confidence is the ultimate goal.



Each child, just like every adult, is different and empowering them to experience lessons and school life on their own terms gives them the opportunity to drive their

own learning and therefore understand their own strengths.


Christina Efthymiou

Christina holds a Bachelor Degree in Education from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. Since graduating in 2010, she has worked in both Australian and British schools as a teacher and teacher's assistant, gaining valuable experience in her field.



Christina is a friendly and caring teacher who loves to help children grow into confident, resilient and emotionally intelligent individuals. Christina believes children flourish in an engaging yet safe and calm environment and that this is the stepping stone to a love for learning throughout a child's school life and beyond.

Christina photo .jpg

Daphni Mochlouli

Daphni has a BA in Early Childhood Studies from Canterbury Christ Church University in England. She has worked with children in many different settings: in Musical Theatre classes, in Summer Camps, nannying and finally ending up teaching in the classroom.


She has always shared her great love of art with the children she works with and is passionate about allowing children the freedom to express themselves creatively in a safe and caring environment.

Daphni Mochlouli.jpg

Eleana Kartakoulli

Eleana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies from the University of Portsmouth, UK. Her passion for early childhood education and children's curiosity and creativity is what inspires her every day in her work.


She always strives to establish a warm and stimulating environment that will encourage children's exploration, learning and fun. She is excited to facilitate the children on their journey, guiding their growth and development, while at the same time creating memorable experiences with them in a great environment.

Eleana Kartakoulli_edited.jpg

Chrystie Petrou

Chrystie is a graduate of the University of Cyprus and has been working with nursery and primary school children for over six years and has enjoyed every single minute of it.


Our Koalas adore her and she has her special way of interacting with young children to make them feel safe and treasured. She plays an integral part in their everyday routine and her cheerful personality is a plus for those working with her. Apart from bringing up her young family, she finds time to supervise the English Cambridge exams, take first aid lessons and be an active member of the Red Cross.

Chrystie Petrou.jpg

Polina Samoilenko

Polina graduated from the Ural State Pedagogical University, Russia. For several years, she taught in elementary schools and also organised summer educational programmes for children in camps. Her professional path became even more diverse after a year working as an au-pair in Germany.


She takes great pleasure in communicating with young children. Her work is focused on creating a positive atmosphere that stimulates the interest and contributes positively to the growth of each child.


Andrie Aristodemou 

Andrie obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature at the University of Cyprus.


She has been teaching English for the last few years during which she has learnt to appreciate each student’s uniqueness and abilities and understand their needs. She wants to help children become eager participants, listeners and inquisitive learners. She joined the Giraffe Team in May 2017 and has been an inspiring and enthusiastic individual ever since.


Marina Mandis

Marina was born and raised in London but decided to leave the drizzly weather and move her family to sunny Greece. Since her return to Cyprus she has been working with young children.


Marina is always cheerful and optimistic and her outgoing personality serves as an instant booster to the children and those working around her.

Marina Mandis .jpg

Natasa Georgiou

Natasa Georgiou is currently in the third year of her Degree on Early Years Education at the University of Cyprus.


Natasa chose this profession because she feels that working with children is amazing. She likes to interact with the children during their play and other activities. She believes that every child needs his/her own time to develop and discover their potential.


Eleni Eleftheridi

Eleni has been a valuable member of the Giraffe Team for over 7 years, ever since our School opened.


Eleni’s smile and positive energy fill the ambience of the nursery school pleasantly. Her willingness to help in any way possible and her care-taking and responsible personality make her a vital member of our Giraffe Team.


Athina Sachpazidou

Athina is the person who answers the daily question, "What are we eating today?" Her finger lickin' meals and desserts are not just nutritious but also a daily delight.


Apart from her culinary duties, Athina ensures that our School is a safe and multi-stimulated place, our children's spaces are always kept clean and tidy and that everything is in its right place!


Our Giraffe Caretaking Team consists of Marina Tosounidou and Nona Mpalampanidou


Their kind, pleasant and joyful personalities fill the nursery with positive energy. Their willingness, commitment and perseverance in fulfilling all their responsibilities make them fundamental members of our Giraffe Nursery Team.

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